Calling All Cupids! BOOK LOVE – A Blog Hop

A recent email by a writer friend reminded me that, even though I read and enjoy many, many books, I don’t always show those books (and their authors) the attention they deserve. If I’ve enjoyed a book a lot, I might tell a friend or two. I might even review a book here on my blog. But I don’t review books in other key places – like on Amazon and Goodreads.

That’s too bad because positive reviews on social media, especially on Amazon, can influence other readers and book buyers. The number of reviews a book gets can directly impact the book’s ranking in search engine results, which in turn can influence sales.


Badge designed by Dana Carey

It’s a tough world out there for books and their authors. They need our support now more than ever. So this month, I thought I’d play Cupid for a while and spread some BOOK LOVE around by setting aside a few minutes to give more public support to some of the books I’ve enjoyed recently – and tagging some reader friends to do the same!

Do you want to play Cupid with me? Here’s how the hop works:

BOOK LOVE Blog Hop Instructions

1. Pick some books you love (any genre) that you think deserve more attention than they are getting. (As much as I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle does not need my help to sell more copies! I’ve tried to choose books I thought needed a little boost, or ones I love that no one else seems to have heard of.)

2. Post reviews for the books you chose on Amazon/social media. The reviews can be brief – even a short review on Amazon helps. Posting on Goodreads or Shelfari is great, too, or Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. The more places you can publicly proclaim your love, the better!

3. If you want, you can also post the reviews on your own blog, or link your blog back to your reviews on social media.

4. Feel free to display the BOOK LOVE badge on your blog – and if you want, link it back to this post so your visitors know what it’s all about.

5. Tag some friends to do the same! Tag friends through their blogs, or on Facebook.

That’s it! If you don’t want to wait to be tagged, you can jump right in and start reviewing and tagging yourself.

Can I point out the adorable badge that Dana Carey designed for this? The heart-shaped glasses – I kind of want a pair for myself! Dana is a talented writer and illustrator who is Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI France, and also one of the co-leaders of Sub It Club.

And now for my reviews:

I reviewed four picture books that I’ve read recently and loved. When I looked these up on Amazon, none had more than 24 reviews, and one had only two! These books needed a little love, in my opinion.

Me First by Max Kornell. I reviewed this on my blog a few weeks ago, and simply pasted that review word-for-word on Amazon and Goodreads.

Puddle Pug by Kim Norman. A wonderful, lyrical book.

Saturday Is Dadurday by Robin Pulver. Such a sweet father-daughter story.

Clever Jack Takes the Cake by Candace Fleming. One of my all-time faves!

I am tagging some fellow Cupids to continue the hop:

Vivian Kirkfield

Cathy Ballou Mealey

Penny Parker Klostermann

Hannah Holt

Diane Tulloch

Tina M. Cho

Dana Carey

Take it away, ladies!