Perfect Picture Book Friday – Saturday is Dadurday

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Title: Saturday Is Dadurdaysaturday_is_dadurday

Author: Robin Pulver

Illustrator: R. W. Alley

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Year: 2013

Genre: Fiction picture book

Ages: 4-8

Themes: Family life; fathers; dealing with disappointment


After the twins were born, Mimi and Dad had an idea for their same favorite day. It came after Friday, and Mimi and Dad called it Dadurday.

Synopsis: (from publisher’s website) For Mimi, the best day of the week is always Saturday, because she gets to spend it with just her Dad. Every “Dadurday” begins the same way–Mimi and Dad make silly-shaped pancakes, read the comics section of the newspaper and make lists of fun things to do together. But when Dad gets a new work schedule, “Dadurday” is ruined. Can Mimi find a way to still make it a special day for her and dad?

What makes it great: Mothers loom large in the picture book landscape so it’s refreshing to read a book where the dad/daughter relationship is the focus.

What readers notice: My daughter liked the plays on words in the book, from “Dadurday” in the title, to “Badurday,” “Madurday,” and “Sadurday,” reflecting Mimi’s disappointment when she learns that Dad will have to work on Saturdays.

What a writer notices: I liked that Dad and Mom played essential roles in this story, while still letting Mimi come to a very realistic, child-centered solution on her own.


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17 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – Saturday is Dadurday

  1. Patricia Tilton says:

    This is when you hit your head and wonder why you didn’t write this story. Love the title as it speaks perfectly to this story theme! Love this and will get a copy for a few kids I know. Saturday was always my day with dad and my mother’s day off! Fabulous choice.

  2. Joanna says:

    I love the wordplay, but I am confused about the twins. Does Mimi need a special day because her dad is now preoccupied with younger siblings?

    • Carrie Finison says:

      No, in the story the family has twins, and Mimi gets a special day with her dad on Saturdays while mom is busy with the twins. Then her dad changes jobs and has to work on Saturdays, so that’s a big change for her. I think the twins was an interesting choice by the author — keeps the mom extra busy and out of the picture (though she does offer to do some of the things dad usually does with Mimi while the twins are napping) but since she’s clearly not available, the focus remains on the dad/daughter relationship.

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