Callie’s Prize-Winning Potion – A Halloweensie Story

It’s Halloween! And what better way to celebrate this holiday of bite-size treats than by writing a bite-size story. In fact, Susanna Leonard Hill has an entire bagful of these little tidbits over on her blog for her Halloweensie contest. The rules – write a story for children in 100 words or less, using the words cackle, spooky, and black cat. Yes – it’s spine-chilling. But I conquered my fear and brewed up a story. And I was quite honored to have an up-and-coming illustrator working with me. In between school, soccer practice, and pumpkin carving, he provided me with some drawings to bring this story to life.

So grab a bag of your favorite fun-size treats and enjoy the rest of the contest entries with me.

Callie’s Prize-Winning Potion witch1

By Carrie Finison (91 words)

Callie was a witch,

an unaccomplished witch,

who was never any good at being spooky.

When she cast a spell

she’d choke on smoke and smell…

If she tried a curse

the results would be reversed…

Her black cat thought her batty,

and moved to Cincinnati…

and the other witches called her Callie Kooky.

So Callie made a potion,

a green and gloppy lotion,

and she cackled at the notion she’d be scary.

And much to her surprise

she won the Spooky Prize

when that potion made her very, VERY hairy!


59 thoughts on “Callie’s Prize-Winning Potion – A Halloweensie Story

  1. tinamcho says:

    Cute poem and illustrations! My son will like having Cincinnati in there, as that’s 1 of his favorite baseball teams, for some reason.

    • Carrie Finison says:

      That is funny, Tina. I’m sure they’re a great team but since your family lives in Korea and you are from Iowa — I wonder why he picked Cincinnati?

      Sometimes kids have funny reasons for the things they decide to do. My son just started cello lessons through school (could have picked violin, viola, cello, or bass). He finally told me he picked cello because he could play the Star Wars theme on it. 🙂

  2. Juliana Lee says:

    Kuddos to your illustrator! Loved the rhyme of your story. And just a fun fact (you might already know this), many years ago our local TV station played after-school cartoons hosted by none other than… Batty Hatty from Cincinnati! How cool is that!

  3. Susanna Leonard Hill says:

    Fabulous rhyme, fun story, and wonderful illustrations, Carrie! I wonder if the effects of the potion are lasting or whether Callie will return to her non-hairy self at some point? 🙂 So glad you entered! Thanks for joining in the Halloweensie high jinx! 🙂

  4. Doris Stone says:

    Adorable! You did a great job Carrie, the rhyme and story line. I laughed when she moved to Cincinnati. Carrie is lovable even if she is hairy!

  5. Michelle says:

    This has great rhythm. I really enjoyed reading it and loved how wonderful the end was for the little witch. (Originally from Ohio, I had a good laugh when the cat moved to Cincinnati 😉 )

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