Poetry Friday: At the Beach

This year our family beach vacation included the usual sun, sand, boogie boarding, drippy ice cream cones, games of Uno and Boggle, and something new — poetry night. I loved how seriously our youngest writers took this event.

My 4-year-old daughter and I worked together on her poem — she dictating and I dutifully recording. Now, suddenly shy, she does not want me to post her poem here. I respect the author’s copyright.

My newly-minted 8-year-old, independent in everything, vanished to another room to do his writing and illustrating:

poem_illustrationsI love to bungle in the jungle.
Every day the monkeys play,
but they look for danger in a special way.
Snakes and birds, they love to hide,
lions, jaguars in a pride.
Hippo and crocodile, they live together
by the Nile.
And that is what I have to say,
in the jungle, every day.

Here’s my entry. I had no title, but fortunately one of the 8-year-olds rescued me and suggested “On the Beach with Dad”


30 thoughts on “Poetry Friday: At the Beach

  1. bjleepoet says:

    Carrie – I’m glad to hear you kept up with your poetry even on vacation! And including your family is a great idea. I loved your son’s whimsical poem and I loved yours too. It reminded me of happy times spent with my family at the Jersey Shore!

  2. Renee LaTulippe says:

    Carrie, this is just gorgeous. I officially like your dad poem better than my dad poem. As always, your rhythm and rhyme and meter are exquisite, and the sentiment — ahhhhh. LOVE!!!

  3. SevenAcreSky says:

    Carrie, your poems made me salivate for that salty pause, to taste the rest of just rambling and savor slow easy thinking–to time my breathing by the waves that are lapping at my feet. I want to be that free monkey that just bungles through the day unhurried as the jungle goes its way. I long to bungle.

    • Carrie Finison says:

      Thanks, Tina! I love the beach, too, and I love exploring tidepools.

      I might try to rework it for a magazine piece, possibly. I’d have to change it a lot, though, because I don’t think a magazine would buy it now that it is ‘published’ here.

  4. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes says:

    Poetry Night is such a great idea! Too bad I didn’t take advantage of the rare screen-free time and do something like that. I love the enthusiasm of your 8 year old’s writing and your own poem truly hits the summer sweet spot!

  5. Bridget Magee says:

    Fabulous poems, Carrie! I felt like I was in the jungle and on the beach with dad. Poetry Night is the perfect addition to our next family vacation. (unfortunately my girls are already back in school)

  6. patientdreamer says:

    Such gorgeous poems, I too can see where your son get’s his talent from. Can’t wait for the winter to pass and we head off to the beach in our summer. Not too long away now with spring just around the corner…lol.

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