A Frightening Contest

Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting a contest of “Halloweensie” stories — tiny stories for tiny people, about Halloween. The parameters: the story must be 100 words or less, and must contain the words ‘bat,’ ‘witch,’ and ‘trick-or-treat.’ Below, in exactly 100 words, is my entry. Read more entries at her website. Happy Halloween!

A Frightening Contest

By Carrie Finison

A witch and a bat had a battle of wits,

To see who could best scare the neighbors to bits.

The witch dyed her cat black and practiced her cackle.

She littered her walkway with bones that would crackle.

Meanwhile the bat was festooning his attic

With lawn signs – Republican and Democratic.

The parents would flee his political speeches.

The kids would want candy…but he’d hand out leeches.

That scheming pair worked until both fell asleep.

While kids trick-or-treated, those two counted sheep.

And so, a day late, they gave neighbors a fright—

Screaming because they’d missed Halloween night.

43 thoughts on “A Frightening Contest

  1. nrhatch says:

    This is wonderful. I laughed out loud at:

    Meanwhile the bat was festooning his attic
    With lawn signs – Republican and Democratic.

    Well done!

    (Wish we could miss the rest of the campaigning as easily as these two missed Halloween).

  2. Laura Renauld says:

    It has struck me as odd this month to see Halloween decorations and political signs strewn across lawns. What a clever way to incorporate them into your story!

    • Carrie Finison says:

      Hi Pamela- It’s hard to say how long these things take. I usually write a rough draft with some ideas, and try to write out what I want to say in each stanza to tell the story, whether or not it rhymes or is in meter (although I do try to make it rhyme). I also write some rhyme that I think I might want to use but don’t know exactly how they’ll fit into the story. Then I go back and fix each stanza until the whole thing works. But I do a lot of that in my head as I’m going about my day, so my actual time is hard to track. This one took 3 or 4 days, of mostly “in my head” time and maybe 2-3 hours of “at the computer” time.

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