Perfect Picture Book Friday – When Blue Met Egg

Thank you so much to everyone who welcomed me into the blogosphere last week with my review of The Perfect Present. I had a hard time deciding which book to share this week, but finally selected When Blue Met Egg by Lindsay Ward. For even more picture book reviews, visit Susanna Leonard Hill‘s blog.

Title: When Blue Met Egg

Author/Illustrator: Lindsay Ward

Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers

Year: 2012

Genre: Fiction picture book

Ages: 3+

Themes: Friendship; Spring

Opening: One snowy morning, Blue was awakened by something extraordinary flying through the air…a rather strange egg.

Synopsis: (from publisher’s website) One morning, Blue wakes up to find something wonderful in her nest: Egg! Or rather a snowball she mistakes for an egg. Blue puts Egg in a pail and sets off to look for Egg’s mother. Along the way, she and Egg become the best of friends. But as the weather grows warmer, Blue is in for a big surprise.

What makes it great: I love books where the reader knows something the main character doesn’t know – in this case [spoiler alert] the fact that Egg is actually a snowball. That twist at the beginning, coupled with the unexpected twist at the end (which I won’t give away) makes this a wonderful and unique story. The pictures are a mix of illustration and cut paper which create dynamic, layered images that are fun to explore.

What readers notice: My 3-year-old did not realize on our first reading that Egg is really a snowball. She was intrigued by the search for Egg’s mother. Now that she knows, she says, “It’s really a snowball,” on every page. As a parent, I liked the sweet story of friendship – we do a lot of talking about what makes a good friend, and this story reinforces a lot of those ideas.

What a writer notices: This story offered lots of changes of scene which made for interesting illustrations, as Blue and Egg trek all over the city searching for Egg’s mother. There’s also a lot of subtle humor for adults. For example, when Egg starts to get smaller, Blue thinks she is sick and feeds her chicken soup, “but that just seemed to make things worse.” I love that understated humor. Finally, I adore the unexpected ending to this story. As I was reading it, I kept thinking to myself “how the heck is she going to write herself out of THIS?” After all, Egg is a snowball, and inevitably, snowballs melt. Just when I thought for sure she had written herself into a terrible corner, she ended it brilliantly, and in a way I never would have expected.

As a side note, earlier in 2012 I noticed on Mary Kole’s blog that she was looking for more “stories of unlikely friendships” like this one, which she repped. It’s not posted on her blog anymore, so maybe she found what she was looking for, but it does give us a little peek into what is selling in the market nowadays.

Links to Resources:

Blue and Egg have an adorable blog. Kids (or – ahem – “older” kids) can print out Blue and Egg paper dolls and post photos of them visiting a new favorite place. There’s also links to all the sites Blue and Egg visit in New York.

Interview with Lindsay Ward at 7-Imp

28 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday – When Blue Met Egg

  1. Dana Carey says:

    Hi Carrie! Great post. I’m intrigued– I don’t know the ending and REALLY want to. The cover illo is beautiful. I didn’t know about this book before but just may have to invest in this one! Thanks 🙂

  2. Loni Edwards (@LoniEdwards) says:

    I loved your review and plan to find this book the next time I go to the library. The illustration on the cover is adorable. I am a sucker for bright colored art 🙂 I love it when an author throws in a surprise. It makes the reading even more fun! Thanks for adding it to the list.

  3. clarbojahn says:

    My arms will be over filled with new picture books next library trip. So many great books to pick! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this one, Carrie. I loved your individual reviews. 🙂

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