Library Harvest – 9/10/12

Our recent library harvest

It felt nice to get back to the library recently. We were so busy outside all summer, we didn’t go nearly as much as we do during the school year. Once again, I raided the New Books shelf. My daughter grabbed a bunch of Karma Wilson books. No arguments here! My son wanted exactly ONE book — the graphic novel version of the Tale of Desperaux. Have you read and enjoyed any of these? I’m particularly excited to read Laura Purdie Salas’s book A Leaf Can Be (hard to see due to the flash in this photo).

We also got some berries…mmm, berries.

Lots of berries

15 thoughts on “Library Harvest – 9/10/12

  1. Penny Klostermann says:

    What a nice bunch o’ books! I have read A Leaf Can Be, Cowboy Camp, Bad Kitty, Gingerbread Man Loose In the School! All wonderful!!!! I wish I could read every one of the books on your shelf! Alas…our library doesn’t have them all 😦
    Happy reading!

  2. Heather Newman (@HeatherNewman12) says:

    We have a pretty small local library here and I miss our big, beautiful, well-stocked library in Montana. It looks like you had a good haul, Bad Kitty always gives us the giggles. Thanks for the heads up on the Tale of Despereaux graphic novel, I haven’t seen that one yet.

    • Carrie Finison says:

      He loved it – we read it together in two nights. It was by Matt Smith, published by Candlewick. Our library has done a great job of building up their graphic novel collection, and my son is very thankful. 😉

  3. Joanna says:

    Carrie, I have this vague idea about the ending and have to get hold of a copy to see if I am right. Love the mention about Mary Cole and what she’s looking for, too!

    • Carrie Finison says:

      I hope you can find a copy, Joanna. I always find it interesting to know what agents are looking for — even if I’m not planning on subbing that that agent in particular, it just gives me a sense of the landscape.

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