Looking forward to fall…

Fall is, hands-down, my favorite time of year. Here are some things in my writing and reading life that I’m looking forward to about this fall…

12x12 picture book challenge badgeCompleting the final four manuscripts for the 12x12in2012 challenge. I’ve written 8 picture book drafts for the first 8 months of this year and hope to make it 12 for 12 by December.

Sending off my manuscript for the SCBWI North/Central California online writer’s conference in the next few days, and then attending the conference in November. The agenda for this online conference sounds phenomenal: feedback on your manuscript from 3 literary agents, plus a discussion board where participants can see all the critiques and give each other additional feedback on manuscripts. I debated long and hard about which manuscript to send…a very polished piece, or one that’s not-so-shiny but that I’m really excited about revising. In the end, I decided to send the not-so-shiny piece. If this conference turns out to be the all-out crit-fest that it looks to be, I want a piece that I have more power to change.

Starting a new, online crit group with some fellow 12x12in12 participants. 12×12 has been such an amazing group to be a part of this year. I’ve met some wonderful writers and already gotten fabulous critiques. Now that I have so many 12×12 rough drafts, I’m excited to start this group and get to work on revision.

Working on some new stories for the Highlights Fiction Contest. I’ve participated in this contest for a few years now. I haven’t won anything, but the very motivational prize of attending a Highlights workshop keeps me going. And I love the stories that come out of it.

PiBoIdMo 2012. Tara Lazar’s wonderful community of picture book writers during November is a bright spot in fall. I just love the idea of all these writers churning out ideas together. Like it’s older sister NaNoWriMo, it makes the practice of writing a little less lonely to know that somewhere out there, other people are doing it, too. Many of the manuscripts I worked on this year came from ideas that first popped their heads out from under the leaves last November.

The berries are here! The berries are here!

Reading, reading, reading. We’ve spent so much time outside this summer, I feel like we’ve barely seen the inside of the library since June. I’m looking forward to a more regular reading schedule with both my kids.

Raspberries! We can’t get enough berries in the Storypatch. I’m so glad fall raspberry season is here! Just a few more weeks of berries and then…the long, long winter.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

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